There are two ways to install NMRProcFlow locally, depending on the type of installation.

Desktop PC

If you want to install NMRProcFlow on your desktop PC , laptop or netbook, then the best solution is to use a virtualization platform like Oracle VirtualBox


If the installation is to be done on a Linux server (for instance within an already created Virtual Machine with Docker properly installed), then undoubtedly, the best solution is to use Docker containers.

Cloud-based Metabolomics Data Processing

If you don't wish to install NMRProcFlow locally, you could install it on a Cloud, e.g.

  • IFB Cloud Genostack:

    • You will find all information on how to install and launch NMRProcFlow on the IFB Cloud Genostack in this PDF

  • ELIXIR Cloud Services:

  • Amazon ECS (AWS):