Restore a session

1) Bookmark the URL corresponding to your session as shown in the figure below (Chrome browser). Instead of the URL itself, the chosen name is based on the ZIP name you have upload in your session, giving an easy mnemonic way to retrieve the bookmark in your list (sometimes crowded)

2) Recovering your working session in the same state as you left after few hours or days, depending on the period of the automatic cleaning process.

NMRProcFlow does not manage sessions in a medium or long term period.

  • An automatic cleaning process has been implemented to periodically purge the working sessions with no activities over the past few days

The choice was to make a processing tool on the fly

  • No need for large disk space and no need to backup

NMRProcFlow allows users to save on their own space a minimal set of small files ...

... in order to recover / replay their session

How to regenerate a session with the same treatment ?

1) Before existing your session, just export a file of macro-commands

To save the processing commands in order to replay them later on the same or similar NMR spectra, just click on the CMD button

As shown in the figure below, all processing commands previously launched are logged into a macro-command file which can be saved on your local disk.

2) Replay the same processing workflow ... few months later

An option allows advanced users to submit a file of macro-commands along with the ZIP file of the raw spectra so that we can process the 1D NMR spectra in the same way as we proceeded them in a previous work session.