Firewall/Antivirus Issues

NMRProcFlow uses R Shiny for its Graphical Unit Interface (GUI). This latter relies on SockJS based on the HTTP WebSocket protocol to facilitate communication between the browser and the server. Unfortunateley, unencrypted WebSocket traffic is often filtered or blocked. First, you can test if WebSockets work for you.

So, if you get a shaded screen, it's probably due to either your antivirus, your firewall or if you work within a VPN. To solve this problem, add the URL as an exception (ie an exclusion for the application of the security rules), or as a trusted site, according to your software tools available on your workstation.

The antiviruses known to enforce strict rules for the WebSocket protocol are for example: Kaspersky, Avast

Do not hesitate to ask to your IT administrator for explaination how to proceed.